Eeeek! Can we talk about how excited I am that y’all are here on my blog?! I'm incredibly flattered that you are taking the time to read and click through my lifestyle site. My name is Jennifer and I'm a 30 year old, Korean-American so-cal girl who loves to travel. Sound like every other basic bee much?! But I mean who doesn’t love to travel? I have the absolute cutest pup on the planet named Shaquille. I spend my 9-5 as a Project Manager / Recruiter for an UHHH-MAZING company. While every minute in between, before and after is spent obsessing over all things fashion and beauty. Currently I live in LA’s Korea Town, how typical right?! A Korean living in k-town, who woulda thought. This space is a creative outlet where I’m able to share my journey, my struggles, my triumphs and of course my beauty and style tips.

Have yourself a scroll, go ahead and click through, I recommend with some wine, as sometimes my sass is a bit much. 

Cheers babes!

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