Kat Burki Bio-Correcting Face Creme

The Kat Burki Bio-Correcting Face Creme is definitely not cheap... It will cost you a pretty penny. However, after using this product (sparingly might I add) for a month, I can tell you it's definitely worth it. I'm so thankful to SkinStore.com for introducing me to the holy grail of all face creams.

The Bio-Correcting Creme is jam packed with Vitamin B, Neuropeptides, Astaxanthin and brand’s proprietary KB5™ Complex (a botanical quintet of Arnica, Gotu Kola, Lavender, Calendula and Chamomile). The combination of these ingredients helps heal your skin from within while helping you achieve that healthy and radiant glow and slow down and fight the aging process. The Vitamin B in this product helps repair your skin and reverse any damage as well as fight inflammation. The Neuropeptides provide a protective layer to your skin to keep the repaired and renewed skin cells safe while protecting those skin cells from environmental damage. Lastly, the Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant which contributes to your skins healing process from the deepest layers and protects against free radical damage.

I use this product once a day in my night time skincare routine. This cream is pretty thick and for day time I prefer to have lightweight, aqua based products because makeup goes on top of it. Creams are naturally on the thicker and oilier side versus a moisturizer which is why I use it in my night time skincare routine. I don't want layers and layers of product on my skin. The Kat Burki Bio-Correcting Creme is the last step in my skincare routine (unless I'm using a sleeping mask). You want to make sure and massage it into your skin until its fully absorbed to reap the full benefits. This product is awesome if you have dry skin because its packed with tons of moisture and nourishing ingredients. I've have combination skin so it works wonders on my dry areas but in my t-zone it can make it a tad shiny, so I just make sure and cleanse my face thoroughly in the morning.

A full skin cycle lasts 28 days so I used it every night for a month because I wanted to get the full effects from it. Moving forward I could probably use it every other night as a treat for my skin. Another thing I noticed was the bright orange color and almost tropical scent. I still can't quite figure out what the exact smell is but it definitely reminds me of something tropical. The product gets its bright orange color from the Astaxanthin which is no surprise because animals that naturally produce Astaxanthin are in the same color realm (salmon, shrimp, lobster and crabs).

This product is all the rage right now—Byrdie Beauty even listed it on their "Beauty Launches to Obsess Over" list. It's only been on the market for a bit now but this cream is something that will take off and be on every skincare and beauty gurus must have product list. It's definitely a product worth checking out. It's full of natural "good stuff" that will get your skin back on track and on the road to radiance.

To purchase the Kat Burki Bio-Correcting Face Creme head on over to the SkinStore.com. They have a huge selection of Kat Burki products. Even better is that they are currently doing a "free gift with purchase" where if you purchase the Kat Burki Bio-Correcting Face Creme you get a sample size of the Kat Burki Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum.

xoxo JEN