Seoul, South Korea: SR Hotel

When I think of my stay at SR Hotel, one word comes to mind... WOW! This hotel reminded me so much of New York style hotels, which is very rare for Korea. Hotels in Korea tend to fit this cookie cutter mold of generic, packaged up chain hotels that you's find anywhere in the world or they go for the whole "traditional Korean" vibe. The moment I walked into SR Hotel, I thought I was in a cool, modern hotel in Brooklyn. The exposed brick and three-dimensional artwork found throughout the hotel was so beautiful.

My favorite piece of artwork I saw at the hotel was above the front desk in the lobby. The vibrant colors pop out at you and you're instantly mesmerized by its beauty. At the front desk not only will you find amazing interiors but the team at the front desk were extremely friendly and helpful. They also spoke English! My Korean is okay... I can definitely get by. But when I needed to explain something and didn't know the Korean word, I'd have to start using my English and they had no problems communicating with me. There English was honestly better than my Korean. SR Hotel is categorized as a "business hotel" so that's probably why they were so proficient in English.

Being a business hotel, SR Hotel had amenities such as a business center and conference room. Amanda and I worked from the business center for a bit and it was a nice escape from the bustle of the hotel. In addition to the business amenities, Cafe, the coffee shop located on the first floor, was a great place to have some craft coffee and get some blogging done... or try at least. I kept getting distracted by the interior of the coffee shop. Cafe has gorgeous high ceilings, exposed bricks and a miniature library filled with old fashioned books and beautiful knick-knacks.

In addition, to the business oriented amenities SR Hotel offers "fun" amenities such as a bar and lounge (which specializes in wine), restaurant and a "BBQ party room." The BBQ party room is a two bedroom suite that has a private bedroom area that come equipped with a large dining table and beautiful bathroom. The opposite side is the "party" side. It has a large living area, a huge bed, again a beautiful bathroom and an outdoor patio that has a 8 person hot tub and outdoor BBQ and kitchen. This is totally the ultimate party space.

Let's get to the good part... our room. Or should I say suite. This suite was legitimately larger than my apartment, it had everything. In addition to the huge bedroom area, we had a separate living room and office area. Naturally, I converted the office space to a getting ready, vanity space. Behind the living room and office space was a huge bathroom, with a gorgeous white stone free-standing bath tub that looked out onto the city of Seoul. And man oh man, the closet space... again larger than the closet space I have at my apartment back home. Let's just say, I could have lived in this suite forever. Amanda and I did not want to leave. The bed was pure heaven, it honestly felt like we were lying in a bed of clouds.

Our last night at SR Hotel we had dinner at the hotel restaurant AMUSE. The decor of AMUSE reminds me of a New York bistro from the black and white checkered floor tiles and the wooden bar stools. Amanda and I both had the filet dinner with unlimited wine set meal they offer. This set meal came with an amuse-bouche appetizer that featured a variety of delicious single bites. Our main course came cooked to perfection. I can't remember when I've had a more delicious and juicy steak which was paired with roasted veggies. This is definitely a restaurant worth checking out if you're in the Balsan area of Seoul.

The entire experience of SR Hotel was unforgettable—the service was on point, the amenities were above and beyond. The smallest things SR Hotel offered such as an on-site currency exchange or even the complimentary round trip airport transit make all the difference. They also offer 24-hour laundry room and gym access. Every guest experience detail was so well thought out, there isn't anything I could say "I wish this was like this or that" too. I can't wait for my next trip to Seoul, because SR Hotel is definitely where I plan on staying.

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SR HOTEL Information
Address: 678-11 Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea // 서울시 강서구 등촌동 678-11
Phone: +82 02-2038-8000
Instagram: @srhotelseoul

How to get here
1. Take Seoul Metro and get off at Balsan Station, Exit 3
2. Walk straight for 2 blocks (you will pass a Juicy stand and Starbucks on your right hand side) and the hotel will be on your right


**Disclaimer: Our stay was sponsored by SR Hotel, however all the opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.