Say Hello To Brighter Skin

Some of my biggest skin concerns are my hyperpigmentation, discoloration, scarring, loss of collagen and dark circles. To help combat my hyperpigmentation, discoloration and scarring I'm always looking for products that "whiten" and "brighten" my skin. I know what you may be thinking... whiten your skin?!?!!? No, I'm not trying to go all Edward Cullen and have my skin be white as snow. When k-beauty products say whiten, it more so means evening out your skin tone. Especially for someone like me who has hyperpigmentation, discoloration and scarring products with whitening power is what keeps my skin looking awesome.

Two whitening products I'm loving are Claire's Cloud 9 Blanc de Whitening Serum and Banila Co's White Wedding Dream Cream. The Claire's Cloud 9 Blanc de Whitening Serum actively breaks down melanin and improves damages from blemishes. This serum also reduces redness and brightens up your skin tone. It also has a nice iridescence to the product, that leaves your skin looking fresh and glowy. It's not too heavy or thick so I'm able to use this in both my daytime and night time skin care routine.

The Banila Co's White Wedding Dream Cream instantly brightens your complexion. This product like the Claire's Cloud 9 Blanc de Whitening Serum is also iridescent. But besides its surface features, I love that this cream is multi-use. This cream whitens, cares and corrects you skin. It works to even out your complexion and get rid of stubborn hyperpigmentation, it provides ample moisture and hydration and takes your dull, lack luster skin and instantly transforms it to be brighter and more radiant. I love that my skin just absorbs this product, it's almost as if its drinking it up because as it absorbs the product it is proving my skin with that youthful glow. 

No matter how much good stuff I use my under eye dark circles... man oh man, they just never seem to lighten up. But then I discovered under eye gels. I use these religiously! I wear them for 20-30 minutes a day (when I can) and after my under eyes look so much fuller and brighter. I opted for the Rainbow Black Pearl Hydrogels (they are soooooo awesome, they've sold out on the StyleKorean e-comm site) and these are definitely some of the best under eye gels I've used. They have just enough product on them. I've experienced under eye gels where there is either too much or too little product. This specific brand I was lucky enough to try out has a high level of amino acids which help to improve and purify your skin which helps you achieve a brighter under eye. I definitely do not want to leave you hanging so I've found a comparable alternative to the Rainbow Black Pearl Hydrogels. The Petitfee Black Pearl Hydrogels also help brighten and rejuvenate dull skin thanks to a concentrated combination of green tea, mugwort and tangerine. 

All these amazing products can be found on StyleKorean. Even better, they are running a holiday sale on their already competitive pricing. Be sure and check them out and stock up, because during the winter we want to be sure to give your skin extra love.

xx JEN