Peach & Lily Brand Sheet Masks

I've been an avid Peach & Lily fan for about two years now. I remember hearing about Peach & Lily launching their own line of sheet masks at the beginning of 2016. Then at the Peach & Lily Cali Girls High Tea hosted by Alicia Yoon, I got to pick her brain about the upcoming sheet mask line. Being able to talk to her about creating her own line of sheet masks was such an inspiration. She spent 18 months working on these sheet masks and they've finally come to fruition. In my opinion Peach & Lily is paving the way for Korean Beauty and Skincare in the States. This brand is not only informing consumers on the best products out there, but they are informing consumers on the best products out there for THEIR skin. Skincare is not a one-size fits all industry and Peach & Lily totally gets that.

Let's get back to the Peach & Lily sheet masks! Each sheet mask pack comes with three (3) masks: Good Skin Day, Reset Button and Chubby Cheeks. The Good Skin Day Mask is the one you wanna use on your bad skin days as it drenches and nourishes your skin with tons of good stuff. Chia seeds, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe... need I say more? The Reset Button Mask should be used when you have irritated skin, as it targets calming, soothing and restoring your skin. This mask is packed with ingredients such as Lavender, Chamomile, Propolis and Licorice. The last sheet mask in the Peach & Lily three pack is the Chubby Cheeks Mask. *side bar: How cute is the name of this sheet mask?!?!? The Chubby Cheeks Mask helps with wrinkles and saggy skin as it lifts and plumps. This mask is filled with ginseng (a Korean go-to for everything), peptides and black soybean. These masks are the real deal and packed with superstar ingredients. 

After just using the Good Skin Day Mask I was hooked. My skin has been a mess for the past couple weeks. I've been stressed out with work and my personal life and because of that, my skin has not been too kind to me. My skin has been irritated and breaking out, so I've been trying to use sheet masks to help reduce the redness and calm my skin the eff down. The Good Skin Day Mask was so cool going on my skin and felt amazing on. The sheet masks are not just cotton, they are made from a cellulose material that is derived straight from the cotton seed. These masks are also formulated with no alcohol and no fragrancetwo things that are such plain awful for your skin. 

About the Peach & Lily brand sheet masks:
(Information pulled directly from the sheet mask label)

  1. Gently formulated - no synthetic fragrances, denatured alcohol or overwhelming scents
  2. Essence should absorb into skin - leaves skin glowing from within
  3. Mask adheres to every corner of face - doesn't slide or hang off
  4. Skin becomes soft and supple - not sticky after essence is fully absorbed
  5. Amazing ingredients - amazing results

These Peach & Lily brand sheet masks as well as more information can be found on the Peach & Lily website. I cannot wait for you to try these masks out because I know you will fall in love after the first use, just like I did.

xx JEN