I got my first Rocksbox this week and OH MY GOODNESS I love every piece of jewelry that I got. The three pieces of jewelry I received were boho chic but simple at the same time. Especially with Coachella season just around the corner, these pieces effortlessly rock the boho chic festival vibe. 

The Ascension Pendant Necklace from House of Harlow 1960 I received was probably by favorite. It was so dainty and the pops of turquoise are perfection. This item seems to be sold out online so the easiest way to get your hands on it would be through Rocksbox. I also received a pair of simple Pyramid Studs from Sophie Harper and an awesome Crystal Chain Cuff from Slate.

Above I am rockin' the Ascension Pendant Necklace and the Crystal Chain Cuff. All these items and more are available through Rocksbox. Even better with my code JENHAYDENXOXO you get your first month FREE! And I mean who doesn't love free :) There's no harm in giving them a try, it's a month-to-month subscription you can cancel at any time... Even after your free month. If you love it like I'm sure you will, it's only $19/mo. to carry on. This is perfect for those of you (like myself) who feel really guilty purchasing nice jewelry. You wear it a couple times and send it back and get something else all for under twenty bucks a month. 

{Photos by Anelisse DeFilippis and myself}