Make A Splash With Algenist

Over the past couple months I've been reading about algae in skincare products. Yup you read that right... ALGAE. I didn't feel like I was informed enough to make a decision on what brand I should pick, as my niche is Korean Skincare. Which is why last month when I was introduced to Algenist, I got extremely excited.

Algae in skincare aids in moisturizing the skin and also contains anti-acne properties. Two things I really focus on when choosing my skincare. Before I decided on what products I would want to test out, I spent hours going through the Algenist website and read consumer reviews on these products. Reading reviews by other consumers is one of my top ways to get information regarding a new product I want to test out. People will, 99% of the time, give you their honest opinion on the internet. I couldn't believe that after hours of reading reviews, I couldn't really find a negative review on this brand.

I ended up selecting the entire SPLASH Collection as well as the GENIUS WHITE Brightening Essence. The SPLASH Collection contains an emulsion, gel moisturizer and sleeping pack. I loved that all the products in the SPLASH Collection target restoring your skin's hydration and retaining moisture. I swear I wake up with my skin feeling like I just put these products on. The GENIUS WHITE Brightening Essence stood out to me because one of my skin insecurities is my hyper-pigmentation and discoloration I was left with after my adult acne and this product helps restore and brighten your skin. The Brightening Essence is helping my trouble areas look a lot more radiant and targets the discoloration.

The SPLASH Collection is ideal for your year around skincare routine. In the summer it will make sure and keep your skin hydrated and radiant in the heat and in the winter it will help your skin retain moisture and not get so dull and dry. I honestly feel like I've just "splashed" water onto my face after using these products and whats great is it stays that way for hours after application.

Algenist is definitely one of my new fave skincare brands. Whats even better is they also carry makeup. I can't wait to get my hands on these, because I'm sure they'll be just as amazing as the skincare. On a side note, seeing as how much color correcting has been blowing up, I saw Algenist has these new color correcting drops in a collection called REVEAL that not only instantly cover your blemishes but also helps correct them in 10 days. I love dual action products.

xx JEN