My Experience With Acne

ACNE. Could there be a more depressing word? Unfortunately, acne is something most people deal with. I started breaking out my junior year of college when I decided to give Proactiv a try because I was getting sporadic breakouts here and there due to stresses with school and personal life.

My decision to use Proactiv, is worse than when I thought it was okay to wear blue eyeshadow and red lipstick together. After the first use of Proactiv my skin completely freaked out. It had the absolute opposite affect and instead of helping my skin it completely broke me out. This product was way to harsh for my skin. I went from having minor pimples to having my face completely covered in acne. It was bad... I took incompletes that entire semester and didn't really leave my apartment for three months.

If you wanna hear about my experience and more watch the video above. Have you dealt with acne?

xx JEN