I've Got (Pink) Seoul

I can't express how much I love the K-Beauty trend happening these days. I got to Korea twice a year and that is when I stock up on my Korean beauty goodies. But with K-Beauty now so popular, I have so many options to get my goods Stateside. One K-Beauty specialized brand I like is Pink Seoul. Pink Seoul is perfect for those individuals testing the waters with K-Beauty. They have a variety of different beauty boxes that you can test out to see what you like and don't like while providing you with some cult favorites and new innovations.

My bi-annual Korea trips seem like more than enough for me to get the skinny on K-Beauty, but really its not. Every visit to the motherland there is something new and innovative happening with beauty and skincare trends. So having 24/7 access to that back in California is awesome.

Pink Seoul is based in Northern California and is a bi-monthly subscription box service (monthly if you sign up for the mask box) which provides you with FULL SIZED PRODUCTS. I cannot express how much I hate getting samples sizes of products to "test out". Especially when it comes to skincare. The thing that people need to understand is that great skin isn't achieved over night from a sample pack. Great skin is achieved by repeated care! This is a concept that Pink Seoul understands, so unlike other box services they put at least FOUR full-sized items (+ goodies) in each box.

I tested out the Pink Seoul Plus box, which retails at $49.95 every two months. So basically that's $25 a month and I got more than four full-sized products. I got five full-sized products, two sheet masks (not pictured above), two samples (only one pictured above) and two cute hair accessories (not pictured above).

From this box my favorite items are the Nature Republic Aloe Vera, the COSRX Overnight Mask and TheFaceShop Rice Water Cleansing Oil. The Nature Republic Aloe Vera is a favorite of mine and what funny is I was about to just go get another one so thank the skin care gods this was in my box. The COSRX Overnight Mask has become my favorite sleeping mask at the moment. I wake up with my skin feeling like a million bucks! I'm a sucker for a good cleansing oil and TheFaceShop Rice Water Cleansing Oil has found a new home in my collection. (Click here to see my Cleansing Oil video)

For those of you who want to try out the Pink Seoul subscription box (or any other K-Beauty goodies), I have teamed up with Pink Seoul to offer you 10% off your purchase by using code JENHAYDEN at checkout.

Cheers to great skin!

xoxo JEN