Seoul, South Korea: Hongdae (홍대)

Hongdae is one of my absolute favorite areas in Seoul for food, shopping and nightlife. The energy and vibrancy in Hongdae is so unique. It's a college area, so it's filled with young adults hosting indie rock street performances, having dance battles and rocking that Seoul street-style. Some of my favorite stores in Hongdae are Style Nanda, I'm MEME, Bershka and of course all the street vendors. The street vendors are my favorite because you can literally buy an entire outfit for less than $20.

Hongdae is also one of my go-tos for a fun night out. I remember back when I lived in Korea, my friends and I were at the Playground drinking soju every other weekend. The next time you're in Seoul you need to check out Hongdae both during the day and experience the nightlife.

Image Source  Hi Guest House

Image Source Hi Guest House

How to get here:

  1. Get off Subway at Hongik University, use exit 9
  2. You'll exit the underground and immediately see street vendors
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