Son & Park Beauty Cubes

Currently I'm loving my beauty cubes from Son & Park. Immediately I was attracted to the shape and minimalist design of the bottles and packaging, but after using these products for about a month now they are definitely a permanent part of my beauty and skincare collection.

Son & Park is a Korean Beauty brand created by two of Korea's most sought after celebrity makeup artists. Son Dae Sik & Park Tae Yun are well known for the "dewy, no makeup" makeup look leaving their clients looking illuminated and radiant.

The Son & Park Beauty Water is the hot hot hot Korean skincare item right now. I've seen it popping up all over the place in the States and every single Olive Young, Boons and Watson's in Korea had this on their shelves. For those of you who don't live in Korea, you can order a variety of Son & Park products from StyleKorean. They sent me the beauty water and I instantly fell in love. I swapped out the Bioderma micellar water I have been using for the Son & Park Beauty Water and even after this simple step my skin looks much more radiant. This product can be used with a cotton pad or simply by shaking a small amount into the palm of your hands and rubbing it into your face. The beauty water not only cleanses but it tones, hydrates and gently exfoliates your skin.

In addition to the beauty water I was able to test out some of the cube products. I received a variety of different lip cubes and a concealer cube. OH MY GOD this concealer is my absolute favorite thing at the moment. I am obsessed with this concealer. I'm also so thankful that they had a shade to match my skin tone. Believe it or not by Korean standards my skin is a lot tanner, so I usually have a hard time finding cushion compacts or concealers to match my skin. A little bit of this concealer goes a very long way. The formula is extremely hydrating and not too thick and provides ample coverage. It's honestly my go-to concealer at the moment. I picked up a few extra while I was in Korea because I didn't want to see the day when I'd have none left.

The lip cubes are a real interesting formula. They look like tints and stains but have a bit of a creamier texture similar to a liquid lipstick. The good thing about this product is that I can be lazy not worry about having to reapply every hour. If the color fades its okay because the product does act like a tint and stain your lips with the color.

I'm really happy with these products and can't wait to get my hands on more goodies by Son & Park. Another thing I think is great about this product is that the lip, concealer and highlighter cubes all stack together like makeup legos. It's a fun little perk.

Below are links to the items I have from Son & Park, compliments of StyleKorean. I'd love to hear what you all think.

Beauty Water
Concealer Cube #23
Lip Cube #1 Rubian Red
Lip Cube #5 Berry Rose
Lip Cube #9 Love Sick

xoxo JEN