Home Is Where The Seoul Is

In the past three years, I’ve probably done about five (maybe six) trips to Seoul. Everyone always asks me why I choose to keep going back to the same country… the same city, even after I spent almost nine months living there. And no it is not for the makeup and beauty products (although this is a huge plus). The answer is simple really… for me Korea feels like home. I love that there’s a familiarity but also an unknown. I’m always so excited when I remember exactly which subway line to take and what exit to use going to my favorite café in Sinsa on Garosu-gil or when I get lost wandering through the many alleyways of Seoul and stumble across a hidden boutique. Seoul is a city with so much wonder and beauty. The juxtaposition of old and new is beyond magical.

Although I don’t think I could ever live anywhere other than Southern California… I feel most at ease, most confident and ready to conquer the world when I’m in Korea. I think when I moved to Korea at 24 years old I was still a child. Those months I spent by myself, having to put myself out there and find a new support system really caused me to do some growing up. I really think in discovering Korea, I discovered myself and came into my own.

I’ve lived in California (mainly Southern California) for most of my 28 years on this planet and there are still places I’m discovering today. There is no possible way my two week trips to Seoul allows me to discover all this beautiful country has to offer. I’m also secretly hoping that, the more trips to Seoul I make, the better chances I have at being discovered as the next kpop star (even though I’m tone deaf and can’t dance for sh*t… a girl can dream though, right?!).

The past three trips have been extra special for me as I’ve been able to share them with people I love. I loved being able to share my city, my culture with two of my best friends (Angel and Amanda) and with my now ex-boyfriend, Jon. Korea is where Jon and I got Shaquille. I couldn’t imagine my life without either of them. But, let’s not forget about my sister, Jess; the majority of my Korea trips have cost almost nothing thanks to miles and staying with my sister for free while she lived there. Being able to travel and experience new things with the people I love are a big part of why Seoul is so special to me. My sister and I even got matching tattoos during one of our Seoul searches.

So while the list of travel destinations for me is miles long, when I go to Seoul I feel like I’m going home. Home is where the Seoul is. ;P I guess I could condense my trips to once a year or once every other year and add a new country into the mix. I definitely don’t see my Seoul trips coming to an end any time soon, my goal is to continue discovering my Seoul and adding some new cities to the mix. Seoul-long!