Support Your Local DREAMERS


America is a melting pot of immigrants. Unless you yourself are a descendant of a Native American, YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT. The Trump Administration disbanding DACA is nothing but appalling. I am a child of immigrant parents. Even though I don't always get along with them, I'm always thankful. My parents had a dream for a better future, not only for themselves but for me and my sister. A future full of freedoms and opportunities for us. Because of them, I've been able to receive an amazing education, my own car, have a job doing something I love and chase after my dreams and passion projects and even achieve them. Last year, with my best friend Amanda (who is also the child of immigrant parents) we started our own small business. We had a dream and we chased after it. Disbanding DACA destroys that freedom and opportunity for so many children whose parents are fighting to provide them with a better future.

Simply put... I'm LUCKY to be an American. It was nothing more than luck that my sister and I were born in the States. Nothing more than luck that we have a US passport or California Driver's License. Just because I got lucky doesn't mean I deserve or should be afforded freedoms and opportunities over others.

To defend DACA and stand with the Dreamers, Amanda and I will be donating 25% of each Whim Things 'DREAMER' hate sold to the Immigrant Defense Project. Please remember, we're all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Support your fellow humans.

Click here to read the Immigrant Defense Project one-sheet.

Whim Things 'DREAMER' Hat - $60
{25% of each hat sold will be donated to the Immigrant Defense Project}