Vegan Collagen from Algenist


Algenist is one of those brands I have so much love for. Throughout my blogging career they've been so supportive of me and they are a company I feel 110% endorsing and supporting. They are innovative, consumer conscious, cruelty free and safe for everyone to use. Their products are formulated without harsh chemicals, animal byproducts or synthetic ingredients. They are changing the skincare game with their patented ingredients and micro algae technology. You can read about their amazing history here.

In fact, they are so innovative that Algenist has created THE FIRST VEGAN COLLAGEN PRODUCT. A lot of collagen based products contain bovine based collagen... aka cow collagen. So when you are lathering that collagen cream on your face you lathering cow collagen on it. I don't know about you but I am not okay with putting cows collagen on my face. Nope, no thank you. 

I have been using the GENIUS Liquid Collagen for about a month now and I don't know what I will do when I run out. It is the first collagen product on the market that was created wth a plant based collagen formulation. It contains thousands of Algenist's micro algae ingredients. This product restores your skins bounce and elasticity in just 10 short days. Also, side note it smells soooooooo good. I'm so obsessed with the yummy scent. The product is so fresh, light weight and you definitely notice the instant smoothness of you skin immediately after applying it. It's perfect for all skin types and because it is formulated with plant based ingredient and zero chemicals and animal products it is safe and suitable for all to use. 

Also pictured are a couple products from the same GENIUS line as the collagen; the Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser which is by far one of the best cleansers I used. The best way for me to describe this is a soap cleaner mixed with an oil cleanser. It's incredibly effective in removing ALL your makeup and leaves your skin hydrated and feeling silky smooth. The Anti-Aging Cream is my current go to night time cream. It packs in the moisture while keeping your skin nourished and radiant. The Eye Renewal Balm, I mean I've been saying for years that this is the best under eye cream out there. I cannot express that enough. It's AHHHHHH-MAZING. The Concentrated Reconstructing Serum helps minimize wrinkles, boost skin elasticity and radiance and is incredibly anti-aging. 


GENIUS Liquid Collagen - $115 USD
GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser - $38 USD
GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream - $112 USD
Complete Eye Renewal Balm - $68 US
Concentrated Reconstructing Serum - $98 USD