A Letter To Myself - v.2

Dear Jen,

It's Monday, July 24th and you're fucking exhausted. You had a busy weekend and a long work day but you're smiling and thankful for all the good in your life. I can bet your socks off that you're smiling and thankful because you have finally made peace with a situation that's consumed more time and attention than it ever should have. Coincidentally enough, last week Anelisse sent you an excerpt from R.M. Drake (see below) that gave you all the wisdom and words you needed to know. So even though you're fucking exhausted and in quite a bit of physical pain at the moment (your scoliosis has been acting up and your migraines have been coming back) you're at peace. 

via  @rmdrk  Instagram

via @rmdrk Instagram

This genuine at peace moment is a breath of fresh air. You finally realized you don't need answers or explanations from anyone else. Their justifications don't matter. What you choose to do in those moments of uncertainty and confusion is up to you. You can sit there, dwell on it and get mind fucked up the wazoo or you can let it go. You can be at peace. You can move the fuck on.

I'm really proud of you, as you're agreeing to go on dates with the intent of following through (the last couple dates you agreed to, you last minute cancelled), embracing the day as it comes and feeling fucking empowered. In short you're feeling like a boss babe right now and that's something no one can take away from you. Use this feeling as a reminder for the next time you find yourself in a rut, you are constantly growing and strengthen as a person. In moments you felt weak and thought the sun wouldn't come out, you got up and went on with each day, growing and getting strong again. Know you can do anything and know you're a fucking flower.