Microblading at Sugarin P.1

The day after Thanksgiving I got my brows microbladed. I've gotten them done before in Korea but microblading typically only lasts 1-2 years. I was coming up on my two-year mark and have been needing to get them redone. I connected with Christina and after looking at her portfolio I knew she'd be perfect to get my brows re-microbladed. In addition to microblading, she does lash lifts and lash extensions. She has a pretty amazing portfolio and has worked with some notable Hollywood stars such as Sarah Drew and Whitney Port. After going through he portfolio I knew this was a match made in heaven. 

The whole process of scheduling, pre-care, procedure, aftercare and follow up has been amazing. Once we confirmed my appointment date and time, Christina sent over pre-care information to ensure my brows and body were in the best condition for the procedure. The day before getting them microbladed, she even emailed me to remind me not to drink and coffee and wine and to not use any medications that may thin out my blood. Thank god she did this because the day before my appointment was Thanksgiving aka lots and lots of wine ;P

The entire procedure from arrival to departure probably took close to 3 hours. Christina probably spent the first 15-20 minutes talking to me about my brows, the procedure and asking me how I wanted my brows to look. From there she spent a good amount of time mapping out my brows, I would say probably close to an hour. She measure the distance between my brows, the distance from my eyes, etc. ensuring they would be even on both sides. After she had mapped my brows out, she had me sit up and from there she made some minor changes. Once we landed on a final shape, the numbing cream was applied. The numbing cream is a topical cream that is all natural, free from chemicals and animal byproducts. The numbing cream needs to sit on your brows for a minimum for 30 minutes to ensure as close to a pain free experience as possible. I'm sure ya'll are thinking if the numbing cream masks all the pain and in all honesty, no it does not. BUT, it really does help. I'm such a wuss when it comes to needles and this is no different. The only time I really felt any sort of pain of discomfort was when Christina was creating the strokes on my arches and tail. Other than that the process felt like more of a "raking" sensation if that makes sense. I think the sound/noise was what had made me cringe. But again, nothing that was unbearable and honestly the end result is worth any and all pain. The actual microblading process took about an hour and I can definitely appreciate that after each time Christina cleaned off the dye, she found little imperfections that she wanted to fix. She really is an artist. 

After my brows were finished and cleaned off she explained the aftercare process to me, provided me with take home instructions, an ointment to start using after day 7 and then told me we'd touch base to schedule the touch up session. 

Christina offers microblading services for $600. Such a great deal considering at salons in Beverly Hills charge up to double that. If you've been wanting to get your brows microbladed right now is the perfect time especially because the after care requires you to be out of the sun for two weeks, no pools/beaches and no sweating. I mean it's winter right?! All I'll be doing is Netflix and Chillin'. 

Please note all services are by appointment only. Contact information is below. 

Sugarin Studio
230 S. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
email: christinasugarinstudio@gmail.com
phone: 310-994-9931
website: christinaartistry.com


Vegan Collagen from Algenist


Algenist is one of those brands I have so much love for. Throughout my blogging career they've been so supportive of me and they are a company I feel 110% endorsing and supporting. They are innovative, consumer conscious, cruelty free and safe for everyone to use. Their products are formulated without harsh chemicals, animal byproducts or synthetic ingredients. They are changing the skincare game with their patented ingredients and micro algae technology. You can read about their amazing history here.

In fact, they are so innovative that Algenist has created THE FIRST VEGAN COLLAGEN PRODUCT. A lot of collagen based products contain bovine based collagen... aka cow collagen. So when you are lathering that collagen cream on your face you lathering cow collagen on it. I don't know about you but I am not okay with putting cows collagen on my face. Nope, no thank you. 

I have been using the GENIUS Liquid Collagen for about a month now and I don't know what I will do when I run out. It is the first collagen product on the market that was created wth a plant based collagen formulation. It contains thousands of Algenist's micro algae ingredients. This product restores your skins bounce and elasticity in just 10 short days. Also, side note it smells soooooooo good. I'm so obsessed with the yummy scent. The product is so fresh, light weight and you definitely notice the instant smoothness of you skin immediately after applying it. It's perfect for all skin types and because it is formulated with plant based ingredient and zero chemicals and animal products it is safe and suitable for all to use. 

Also pictured are a couple products from the same GENIUS line as the collagen; the Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser which is by far one of the best cleansers I used. The best way for me to describe this is a soap cleaner mixed with an oil cleanser. It's incredibly effective in removing ALL your makeup and leaves your skin hydrated and feeling silky smooth. The Anti-Aging Cream is my current go to night time cream. It packs in the moisture while keeping your skin nourished and radiant. The Eye Renewal Balm, I mean I've been saying for years that this is the best under eye cream out there. I cannot express that enough. It's AHHHHHH-MAZING. The Concentrated Reconstructing Serum helps minimize wrinkles, boost skin elasticity and radiance and is incredibly anti-aging. 



GENIUS Liquid Collagen - $115 USD
GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser - $38 USD
GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream - $112 USD
Complete Eye Renewal Balm - $68 US
Concentrated Reconstructing Serum - $98 USD

Being Healthy From The Inside Out


In my opinion "being healthy" is a 3 part process... eating healthy, taking your vitamins and being active. While I know I'm struggling with the latter, I definitely try my hardest to eat healthy and take all my vitamins and supplements to make up for the fact I'm not working out as much as I should. In my defense when I was living in OC, the gym was legit a 30-second walk from my front door and I had my best friend to help whip my booty into shape. 

I'm legit THAT person that has a calendar alarm go off every morning at 9:15 am to remind me to take my vitamins. I use a variety of different brands to make sure I'm getting all my vitamins, nutrients and supplements that target the areas I'm focusing on which consists of Vital Protein, Care/Of, Olly, HUM Nutrition and Buddha Brain. I probably use some that overlap and target the same things but better safe than sorry...? Haha. So let's go through my massive list.

Vital Proteins: Collagen Peptides

I'm ALL about collagen on anything and everything. So many of my skincare products have collagen (because I have scaring from acne) but beauty starts from the inside out. So not only do I use a lot collagen skincare, I make sure I'm ingesting it as well. The Vital proteins Collagen Peptides are the easiest way that I have found to make sure I'm getting a good amount of collagen everyday. This product is flavorless so I add them to smoothies, my morning coffee and of course my acai bowls. The Collagen Peptides promote youthful skin, healthier hair and stronger nail. It also helps keep your bones strong and healthy and promotes join healthy.

Care/Of: B12, Ashgawanda and Astaxanthin

I actually did a VERY comprehensive blog post on Care/Of, their offerings and the vitamins and supplements I take from them and why. You can read that here, but here's the sparks note version... I take B12 because I'm a pescatarian (I started in June, I've had a couple hiccups but I'm doing pretty good) and B12 is a vitamin that is normally found in red meats. No red meats means no B12 for Jen. Ashgawanda helps mellow you out when you're stressed and I'm always fucking stressed. Astaxanthin helps promote and boost collagen production and is great for your skin.

Olly: Restful Sleep and Vibrant Skin

Adding to my ever growing list of ailments, I also have insomnia. My brain does not shut off. Mix that with my ADD and at night I lie awake making lists in my head about anything and everything. The Restful Sleep vitamins help clear my brain and get me ready for a restful night of sleep. The Vibrant Skin gummies... well that's pretty self explanatory... I'm skin obsessed and great skincare also starts from the inside out. What you put in your body matters just as much as what you put on it.

HUM Nutrition: Runway Ready and Daily Cleanse

I use The Runway Ready vitamin packet and the Daily Cleanse. A a beauty blogger, I'm consistency changing and dying my hair, getting gel manicures and testing out a lot of different skincare and makeup products. I want to make sure I'm taking vitamins to keep all that in tip top shape and me on top of my game. The Runway Ready vitamin packets consist of 2 supplements that are a mixture of black currant and sunflower seed and 1 Biotin. The black currant and sunflower seed supplement keeps my hair looking like it is in a shampoo commercial and my skin radiant and glowing, while the Biotin keeps my nails strong and healthy. The Daily Cleanse is a cleansing and detoxing anti-inflammatory supplement. It is made from organic algae, matcha, magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium. This mixture helps helps cleanse my skin, liver, kidney, bowels and lungs. It literally gets all the toxins out of my body.

Buddha Brain: Mood and Stress Formula

Last but not least we have the Mood and Stress supplements from Buddha Brain. For those readers who have been with me from the start ya'll know I suffer from anxiety and am constantly stressed out. You can read about my journey with anxiety here. Like many others with anxiety, I was taking Xanax which we all know is reactive. I like that the Mood and Stress supplements are proactive. Instead of taking the recommended dosage when I feel an anxiety or panic attack coming on, I take two of these before I leave my apartment and it keeps me as mellow as can be. This supplement is a blend of 5HTP (which boosts your serotonin... I went to college in San Francisco when EDM was on the rise, me and 5HTP go way back, haha), Magnesium, Vitamin B's 1,2,3,5 and 6 Ashgawanda and Lemon Balm. These natural ingredients work together to keep your mood and stress levels balanced. 


**all product images minus Care/Of were sourced from Amazon and all the products listed above with the exception of Care/Of can be ordered through Amazon.


Hangover Skincare

We've all been there... unbearable hangover, tired eyes and dried out skin. After a long night of dancing, drinking and sinning, not only does your poor head pay the price with a massive hangover but your skin is massively dehydrated and probably looks like sh*t. I have five go-to items to help bring my skin back to life when I'm on my hangover death bed. 

image source: Ulta.com

image source: Ulta.com

First up, charcoal sheet mask. My go-to charcoal sheet mask lately has been the "Detox and Chill" Charcoal Purifying Mask by Leaders Cosmetics. Charcoal is great for pulling out all the bad toxins and impurities that its the perfect sheet mask to help restore your skin from whatever shenanigans you got into the night before.

image source: Memebox.com

image source: Memebox.com

Second, under eye gels. My all time favorite under eye gels are the Tony Moly Gold Snail Eye Mask. These under eye gels provide moisture, increases elasticity and soothes stressed skin. They really help brighten up your under eyes so you do not look like the walking dead.

image source: PeachandLily.com

image source: PeachandLily.com

The third product I'm sharing is Mizon's Hyaluronic Acid 100 Ampoule. Hyaluronic acid helps nourish and hydrate your skin. After a night of all out partying, your skin needs a tall drink of water and serums or ampoules with hyaluronic acid are just that. This product is highly enriched with hyaluronic acid extract and supplies moisture immediately to make your skin glossy without stickiness.

image source: Skinstore.com

image source: Skinstore.com

Fourth up is Sunday Riley's Good Genes. I've done a dedicated blog post on this product which can be found here. But in short this product provides immediate radiance. After being out all night surrounded with harsh environmental factors your skin is usually dull and lackluster. The Good Genes product fixes that and provides you with radiance and dewy skin.

image source: Ulta.com

image source: Ulta.com

Lastly, I use the Mario Badescu Facial Spray to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. This facial spray is made from aloe, herb and rose water. It is simply formulated with fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater for a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. 

These five products are tried and true for helping my skin get its life back after a crazy night out. The key is to find products that clean away the impurities, hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Hair Care from Look Fantastic

At the beginning of June, my poor hair went through the wringer. I have clip-in extensions I wear for special events, occasions, etc. but they're a bit darker than my hair normally is. I wanted to have long luscious locks for Vic and Moray's wedding so on Monday the week of their wedding I went to the hair salon to get my hair toned darker. I'm not too sure what happened but the toner that was applied to my hair, instead of making my hair a rich, dark brown made my hair a navy bluish black. Not a cute look. That night I must've washed my hair with scalding hot water, dish soap and baking soda five or six times and none of the colour was coming out. I started to cry. I texted the girl that coloured my hair and she had me come in early the next day to fix it. She had to bleach my hair, then re-tone it. My hair hated me. It was so coarse and dry from the dish soap and baking soda, the last thing it need was more toner, let alone any bleach.

Needless to say, my hair was so dry and damaged from all the processing and trauma it had gone through. During this the week of Vic and Moray's wedding I had also moved up to LA. When I was unpacking my boxes I found a box that LookFantastic had sent me, that had a variety of different hair conditioners and clay masks. I immediately used them and haven't stopped since. These conditioners brought life back into my hair. It has its shine, volume and health back. Regularly, I wash my hair two to three times a week. The first couple weeks I used these products I was washing my hair almost every night just so overload these conditioners and hair masks on. The clay mask I only used once a week, but even so, they definitely helped repair my hair.

My favourite has to be the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Re-Bodify Mask. This product definitely helped restore and repair my hair.  This product is enriched with ginger and kaolin clay which leaves hair purified, feeling nourished and lightweight without being stripped. In addition to the Re-Bodify Mask, I was also sent the Re-Hab Mask which is the perfect mask for stressed and sensitised hair to help rebuild it to a healthy state. It is formulated with honeycomb and kaolin clay to deeply condition hair to rebuild its strength, leave it looking healthy and glossy.

LookFastastic also sent me two different conditioners from the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. line; the nourish and recover conditioner. Each time I washed my hair I was alternate between these two conditioners because my hair definitely needed both nourishing and recovery. The Recover conditioner is perfect for sensitive hair as it is formulated without silicone, sulfates and parabens (all the products in their R.A.W. line are). This conditioner leaves your hair bouncy, glossy and nourished. Lastly, the Nourish conditioner intensely conditions your hair leaving it touchably soft.

After a month and a half of using these conditioners my hair is back to being shiny, strong and that wind blown convertible hair it was meant to be. Thank you to my friends at LookFantastic for introducing me to these hair care products, they were a life saver. The products can be purchased through LookFantastic using the links below. Xx

Re-Bodify Mask // $27.00 USD
Re-Hab Mask // $27.00 USD
Nourish Conditioner // $22.50 USD
Recover Conditioner // $22.50 USD

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