Fairy Tales Do Exist

Dear Amanda,

You’re the kind of friend that makes me a better person.


I'm such a pessimist when it comes to fairy tale romances. I mean come on, I thought I met my Prince Charming, but I ended up meeting a tech savvy frog who dumped me in a text message. My best friend Amanda on the other hand, she believes in the magic and sparkle in fairy tale romances. She believes in the happily ever after and the Prince Charming.  Amanda was one of my first friends in high school. We met the day before the first day of high school. Both of us having Asian parents we were the first two in line at orientation. That’s the first time I met her. I don’t remember exactly how or when we became friends, but what I do know is that my life and myself as a person… would be different without her. I've gone through hell and back with her and she's one of the few people I can always count on.

Amanda loves harder than anyone I know. She is so thoughtful, so caring and so giving. She has more love in her tiny little self than most people have to give. Since the 9th grade I’ve seen her date some questionable people, but hey none were ever as questionable as the douchebags I was dating, haha. But I knew from the moment I met Scott that this was her person. There was a period of time in our mid-twenties when Amanda’s light wasn’t shining as bright as it could or should, but from the moment she met Scott and started spending time with him her light was beaming. It made me so happy to see my best friend, so happy and so in love.

I like Scott for the person he is. He is a genuinely great guy that cares about others and is fun to be around. I love Scott because of how much he loves Amanda. He encourages Amanda to be as weird as she can be and is weird with her. He embraces her quirks, supports her and never discourages her. I don’t have a bad thing to say about him. He’s not just Amanda’s guy, but he is my friend. I can’t imagine not knowing him either.

On Monday, I got the best IG story ever. It was Amanda with a new piece of jewelry on her left ring finger. I instantly started crying. Not that anyone deserves love more than anyone else but Amanda she’s someone that is so worthy and deserving of love because she loves so hard and so unconditionally. She’s the kind of person that makes your life better and makes you a better person. Scott and I have been talking engagement rings for almost six months now, I knew it was gonna happen but I didn’t know exactly when. But in that snap and the pictures that followed I could see her light shining brighter than I’ve ever seen it before. My best friend, so in love, so happy because the guy she loves just asked to spend forever with her. 

Moments like that make the pessimist inside me shut up for a good few minutes. Because when I look at Amanda and Scott, I know romance is still out there, fairy tales do exist and when you’re down and out remind yourself that your person is out there. You may have to date some douchebags and kiss some frogs but when you least expect it they’ll be there. They’ll love you, support you and be weird with you. Congrats Amanda and Scott, I cannot wait for you to experience all life has in store for you both. To my fellow singletons, here's to finding your weirdo.