Fashionably Forward

LA is always busy and bustling with fashionable millennials going here, there and god knows where. I mean, I have to admit... I'm probably one of them. My life has been so busy as of late. I don't remember the last time I've been able to just Netflix and chill. It's been non-stop go go go. I prefer it that way. I love that I have my life back on track—keeping busy with my 9-5 and relishing in all the amazing opportunities coming my way thanks to my blog and Whim Things.  

My friends have been encouraging me to "get back out there." Let me be clear... the last fucking thing I want is a relationship or a boyfriend. Like I said, I finally have my life back. It's mine... everything is beyond phenomenal right now. I can't have the possibility of another CS coming into my life and blowing it to kingdom come happen again. I am going out on dates and "getting my groove back" as Stella would say. But honestly it's not at all my focus. It's on the bottom of the totem pole for me. 

My focus is to keep my life on this fast paced track and excel at my new job and continue to build both my brands. I want to enjoy every moment of this new found bliss I have. I refuse to let anyone, especially a boy fuck that up. 

Because were being honest here and sharing with the class... a couple days ago I was feeling really sorry and bad for myself. Looking back on 2017, it has been an amazing year for my friends. Victoria and Moray got married earlier this month. Michelle and Ryan rang in the new year as a newly engaged couple. Amanda and Scott got engaged over their most recent European adventure. Jordan and Bryan got engaged this past weekend. A majority of my friends are hitting these beautiful life milestones and I couldn't even get someone to break up with me in person. I honestly felt like shit for a couple days until I started brainstorming this blog post.

While 2017 hasn't been an amazing year for me "relationship wise" it has been amazing for me professionally. I made a huge move to LA. Got an amazing job that I am absolutely loving. Amanda and I got Whim Things to one year and in August it'll be the two year mark for my blog. While I may have "fell short" in the relationship milestones, I excelled in the professional and career ones. I have to remind myself that there is no guidebook to life and achieving the milestones that come with living it. When my milestones are meant to happen they'll happen. For now I'm happy being one of those fashionable millennials moving forward in the fast lane. 

jacket: blanknyc "as you wish" leather jacket in black
bodysuit: tobi "cia ribbed bodysuit" in grey
skirt: bloomingdales (no longer available), similar here
booties: sam edelman (no longer available), similar here
sunnies: zerouv "retro flat lens aviators - style c402-01" in black smoke mirror
handbag: chloe "marcie medium satchel" in hollyberry
photography: Photo By Vincent