Hong Kong: VIP Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland


Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, probably 45 minutes outside of HK Island. The day Amanda and I flew into Hong Kong, our friends picked us up and we headed straight for the Disneyland Hotel. It was such a magical place—we had a character dining experience that night, had Disney dim sum at Crystal Lotus for breakfast the next morning and we were supposed to then be off to Disneyland. Unfortunately, a typhoon 8 put a damper on our Disney day so we went the following week after we got back from Macau.

Amanda and I were lucky enough to experience a VIP Tour of HK Disneyland with Angel and her family. I haven’t been to any Disneyland since, and I’m almost scared too because I now it just won’t be the same without our lovely tour guides Oscar and Winnie and all the private attraction experiences. So spoiled, haha. Hong Kong Disneyland isn’t the largest park but it didn’t have any less Disney magic.

We started off our experience and headed straight to the Emporium for some HK Disney specific Minnie ears. I wanted so many but, I refrained and bought one pair. I have about 20 Minnie ears total! Once we were suited up in our Disney gear, Oscar and Winnie our lovely guides took us to Tomorrowland and we went on the new Iron Man Experience ride. For those of you familiar with Disneyland USA, the Iron Man Experience is the equivalent to Star Tours. This was one of the best Disney attraction experiences I’ve ever had because we got to have a private experience, aka no one else but me, Amanda, Angel and Oscar were on the ride. How cool is that?!?!! After the ride, we got to head to the Stark Industries Tech Showcase and “meet” Iron Man.


After our Tomorrowland fun we headed back to Main Street and had afternoon tea at the Corner Café. So many cute Disney themed snack, sweets and drinks! After tea we continued down main street to watch one of the day parades. People swarm to watch these parades and we were lucky enough to have our own sectioned off area to view the parade without being in tight quarters with everyone else.

Because we visited HK Disneyland in October, they had their Halloween maze going and OMG I was so scared. I almost cried a couple times and definitely used Amanda as a human body shield more than once. Oops! After the Halloween Maze we used our last hour at HK Disney to run around like kids and get on as many rides as we could. We did three thanks to our buddy Oscar! We ended the night with dinner at one of the restaurants at the Disney Explorers Lodge.  Honestly, we could’ve had dinner on Mars and I wouldn’t have been none the wiser. I was sooooo tired from such a jam packed Disney day.

Big thank you to our lovely friends and tour guides for such an amazing one of a kind experience!