Jumping In


I'm always thankful for the positivity you find in negative situations.

- Jen

I always feel better after a phone call with Angel. She's been my best friend for 16 years now, she knows me almost better than I know myself. She basically my sister, in addition to being my best friend and she's the most wonderful mother to my adorable niece and nephew. I think her being a mom really shines through in our conversations. She's so optimistic about life and always reminds me that everything happens for a reason. A very "mom" thing to do. But of course she's a wonderful mother, her mom is an amazing mother too. I've legit weaseled my way into her family. They're my family too. I spend all my Holidays with Angel's family and not my own, haha. You guys are never getting rid of me ;P

I've been busy hustling, moving and basically girl bossing it and she's been busy building an empire ;) but we always have check-ins a couple times a week. It's been about a month since we've had one of our full-on conversations but this past week we chatted for over an hour about everything happening in each others lives. I was able to tell her about my new job, my move to LA (which I'm so excited about) and she of course provided such a positive perspective that I would have never thought of.

Angel is one of those people that always always finds the good in a bad or negative situation. This is all hypothetical but... You could be mugged and have all the cash you had on you taken and then some... however Angel will still find some good in that. She'd probably say something wise like... "I'm lucky and fortunate to be able to provide for myself and my family. Maybe this person isn't as lucky and needed that money more than I did." Me being the pessimist I am would wallow on the fact that I was just mugged and now don't have any money to go get Sugarfish (#firstworldproblems). Angel 100% always tries to see it from the other persons perspective. That's what I love about her. Even in the darkest of times, she finds the light. 

In talking about my life and my new job she paralleled that to the breakup. We talked about how she thinks that CS came into my life and played the role he was supposed to play. He was a catalyst. He was never supposed to be my person. He was never supposed to be there forever. He was the person who was supposed to push me into making a change. That experience really pushed me outside my comfort zone and led me to find new things. I don't think I really noticed how comfortable and stagnant my life was. I felt safe in my Orange County bubble. Nothing was bad, but I could definitely be doing more. That experience pushed me to find and achieve more for myself... and I did. I have that excitement about life back. I find myself just smiling, so happy for whats to come. I'm so curious to see how my life will unfold over these next few months and couldn't be more ready for the challenge.

I always feel a teensy bit wiser after a conversation with Angel. I honestly would have never thought of what happened as a good thing. Looking at it now, it was the best damn thing that could have happened to me. Here's to no longer being comfortable and jumping in with both feet. Life, I'm ready for you... Come at me!