Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Hair Care from Look Fantastic

At the beginning of June, my poor hair went through the wringer. I have clip-in extensions I wear for special events, occasions, etc. but they're a bit darker than my hair normally is. I wanted to have long luscious locks for Vic and Moray's wedding so on Monday the week of their wedding I went to the hair salon to get my hair toned darker. I'm not too sure what happened but the toner that was applied to my hair, instead of making my hair a rich, dark brown made my hair a navy bluish black. Not a cute look. That night I must've washed my hair with scalding hot water, dish soap and baking soda five or six times and none of the colour was coming out. I started to cry. I texted the girl that coloured my hair and she had me come in early the next day to fix it. She had to bleach my hair, then re-tone it. My hair hated me. It was so coarse and dry from the dish soap and baking soda, the last thing it need was more toner, let alone any bleach.

Needless to say, my hair was so dry and damaged from all the processing and trauma it had gone through. During this the week of Vic and Moray's wedding I had also moved up to LA. When I was unpacking my boxes I found a box that LookFantastic had sent me, that had a variety of different hair conditioners and clay masks. I immediately used them and haven't stopped since. These conditioners brought life back into my hair. It has its shine, volume and health back. Regularly, I wash my hair two to three times a week. The first couple weeks I used these products I was washing my hair almost every night just so overload these conditioners and hair masks on. The clay mask I only used once a week, but even so, they definitely helped repair my hair.

My favourite has to be the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Re-Bodify Mask. This product definitely helped restore and repair my hair.  This product is enriched with ginger and kaolin clay which leaves hair purified, feeling nourished and lightweight without being stripped. In addition to the Re-Bodify Mask, I was also sent the Re-Hab Mask which is the perfect mask for stressed and sensitised hair to help rebuild it to a healthy state. It is formulated with honeycomb and kaolin clay to deeply condition hair to rebuild its strength, leave it looking healthy and glossy.

LookFastastic also sent me two different conditioners from the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. line; the nourish and recover conditioner. Each time I washed my hair I was alternate between these two conditioners because my hair definitely needed both nourishing and recovery. The Recover conditioner is perfect for sensitive hair as it is formulated without silicone, sulfates and parabens (all the products in their R.A.W. line are). This conditioner leaves your hair bouncy, glossy and nourished. Lastly, the Nourish conditioner intensely conditions your hair leaving it touchably soft.

After a month and a half of using these conditioners my hair is back to being shiny, strong and that wind blown convertible hair it was meant to be. Thank you to my friends at LookFantastic for introducing me to these hair care products, they were a life saver. The products can be purchased through LookFantastic using the links below. Xx

Re-Bodify Mask // $27.00 USD
Re-Hab Mask // $27.00 USD
Nourish Conditioner // $22.50 USD
Recover Conditioner // $22.50 USD