Microblading at Sugarin P.1

The day after Thanksgiving I got my brows microbladed. I've gotten them done before in Korea but microblading typically only lasts 1-2 years. I was coming up on my two-year mark and have been needing to get them redone. I connected with Christina and after looking at her portfolio I knew she'd be perfect to get my brows re-microbladed. In addition to microblading, she does lash lifts and lash extensions. She has a pretty amazing portfolio and has worked with some notable Hollywood stars such as Sarah Drew and Whitney Port. After going through he portfolio I knew this was a match made in heaven. 

The whole process of scheduling, pre-care, procedure, aftercare and follow up has been amazing. Once we confirmed my appointment date and time, Christina sent over pre-care information to ensure my brows and body were in the best condition for the procedure. The day before getting them microbladed, she even emailed me to remind me not to drink and coffee and wine and to not use any medications that may thin out my blood. Thank god she did this because the day before my appointment was Thanksgiving aka lots and lots of wine ;P

The entire procedure from arrival to departure probably took close to 3 hours. Christina probably spent the first 15-20 minutes talking to me about my brows, the procedure and asking me how I wanted my brows to look. From there she spent a good amount of time mapping out my brows, I would say probably close to an hour. She measure the distance between my brows, the distance from my eyes, etc. ensuring they would be even on both sides. After she had mapped my brows out, she had me sit up and from there she made some minor changes. Once we landed on a final shape, the numbing cream was applied. The numbing cream is a topical cream that is all natural, free from chemicals and animal byproducts. The numbing cream needs to sit on your brows for a minimum for 30 minutes to ensure as close to a pain free experience as possible. I'm sure ya'll are thinking if the numbing cream masks all the pain and in all honesty, no it does not. BUT, it really does help. I'm such a wuss when it comes to needles and this is no different. The only time I really felt any sort of pain of discomfort was when Christina was creating the strokes on my arches and tail. Other than that the process felt like more of a "raking" sensation if that makes sense. I think the sound/noise was what had made me cringe. But again, nothing that was unbearable and honestly the end result is worth any and all pain. The actual microblading process took about an hour and I can definitely appreciate that after each time Christina cleaned off the dye, she found little imperfections that she wanted to fix. She really is an artist. 

After my brows were finished and cleaned off she explained the aftercare process to me, provided me with take home instructions, an ointment to start using after day 7 and then told me we'd touch base to schedule the touch up session. 

Christina offers microblading services for $600. Such a great deal considering at salons in Beverly Hills charge up to double that. If you've been wanting to get your brows microbladed right now is the perfect time especially because the after care requires you to be out of the sun for two weeks, no pools/beaches and no sweating. I mean it's winter right?! All I'll be doing is Netflix and Chillin'. 

Please note all services are by appointment only. Contact information is below. 

Sugarin Studio
230 S. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
email: christinasugarinstudio@gmail.com
phone: 310-994-9931
website: christinaartistry.com