Cheers to #MrAndMrsBub

Vic and Moray,

Your love story is a tale as old as time.
It's one that grows, challenges, endures and loves unconditionally.


The first time I met Vicky and Moray, I had one too many beers at a house party. We were all playing that seven eleven doubles dice game and I very faintly recall Jack in the Box two tacos being involved. The next time I met Vicky and Moray was at a BBQ at Brady's parent house and I think somehow a girl's night idea got brought up because not too long after Vic, Anelisse, some other girls and I ended up at Saddle Ranch eating cotton candy then at Happy Endings taking shots and drinking fish bowls. I don't think thats the moment Vic and I became friends... I honestly can't tell you. But what I can tell you is my life would be different without Vic and Moray in it.

Vic is very much the mama bear... the glue that holds the girls together. She always tries to make us into one big happy... maybe the word "crazy" is better suited... one big crazy family. I may not have been a part of Vic and Moray's relationship from the beginning but I'm lucky to have seen it grow into the beautiful thing it is today. I feel even luckier that they've asked that I be a part of their big day. Tomorrow, Vic and Moray are getting married. It seems like just yesterday I was in Korea getting a FaceTime from those two (Vic who of course was red and splotchy from crying... you guys think I'm a crier... Vic has me beat on that) sharing the news... they just got engaged in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. SWOON! Moray, you've done good. Like, incredibly good.

If you've read the breakup series in my #LettersFromJen posts, you probably remember me mentioning how I'm lucky to know such amazing men and have them in my life. They have the qualities and characteristic a man should have. The same qualities and characteristics I should never waver or compromise on and to never accept anything less. Moray, is one of those amazing guys. He's incredibly hardworking, puts those he loves before himself and makes Vic's dreams come true every single day. Especially when he's taking the trash out ;)

Like I said, Vic is the glue that holds us all together. She really is the heart and soul of the group. She loves so hard and wants everyone to love each other. The way I see it is, Vic just wants everyone she loves to be loved as much as Moray loves her. Whether it is the love from a significant other, a friend, a family member. Love is love and Vic has a heart as big as the sun filled with love to give.

I'm so incredibly grateful that they've made a space for me in their lives and I cannot wait to watch the next chapter in their love story unfold. I mean, I'll be right in the thick of it. The two of them have graciously agreed to let me stay with them for a couple months while I get my footing in LA. Not only are they getting married but they're getting a house guest. I don't know very many people who'd take on that much change all at once. But that just goes to show my point... these two humans are incredible. Here's to soju, sea salt Halo Top and of course to Mr. & Mrs. Bub.