What I'm Thankful For...


For those of you who've followed along on the happenings of my life this past year, you'll know it has been a rough one. I was left heartbroken, stabbed in the back, tricked, conned, bamboozled... Nonetheless, my heart is still so full and I still consider myself to be hashtag blessed. I've listed off FIVE things I'm beyond thankful for.

BOTH MY CAREERS. In addition to blogging, I have a full-time job. I'm a creative recruiter. I work with some of the biggest Fortune 500 Media and Entertainment companies and help them find talented individuals to work for them. I love it. I love the people I work with and I love that I get to find people a "home" in their professional lives. I feel fortunate enough to be doing something I love, that getting to help others find that is an incredible feeling. And of course, I'm thankful everyday to be blogging. To be able to connect with you all whether you live the city over from me or across the ocean in Asia or Europe. Blogging has opened so many doors for me professionally but it has also helped me improve as a person. It's enabled me to form connections with others, build relationships with other bloggers who are just as obsessed with makeup and fashion as I am. I've gotten to travel the world "for work" to create content for my blog. All in all I'm incredibly thankful for both my careers. 

MY HEALTH. When you're younger you never imagine you'd develop health problems/issues as you get older. A couple months ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I've actually lived with it all my life, but more recently its been getting more and more unmanageable. After 4 months of tests and trials, my allergist and immunologist landed on a course of treatment to help manage my condition. In addition to my autoimmune,I've started going to physical therapy twice a week to help treat and manage my scoliosis. Both these conditions require treatments involving shots and man oh man, you wanna see me go from fierce and strong to weak and cowardly... just put a needle in front of me.

MY LOVED ONES. With everything I've been through this year (and of course all the years that have come before) I'm so thankful to my support system. My girlfriends who are my sisters through thick and thin, I'm thankful that you always have my back and cheer me on in all my endeavors. Amanda, Angel, Kaisa, Michelle and Anelisse, THANK YOU. Ya'll know I wouldn't have survived the hardships of this year without you. 

MY ABILITY TO JUST PICK UP AND GO. I used to think this was me running away from my problems, but I've realized its actually me feeding my need to wander. I'm not one of those individuals that can be caged or tied down. My soul feeds off adventure and exploring new places and I'm so thankful that I'm able to do so. I'm thankful to my job which has a pretty lax time off policy and the fact that I have income to do so. 

MY LIFE. Even with all the wack shit I went through this year, I'm still thankful to be living the life that I do. I know that in my roughest moment, their are others who have it even harder than I do. Complaining and bitching about all the bad in my life is just offensive and disrespectful to those who face actual hardships in their day to day. I consider myself to be lucky that I don't have to worry about where I'm going to sleep, or where my next meal is coming from. Next time you se someone less fortunate or maybe someone having a rough day... PAY IT FORWARD. Buy the person behind you at Coffee Bean their morning coffee, or share your dinner leftovers with a homeless person. These little acts and gestures have a bigger effect than you know. 

dress: Zara "Dress with Silver Stripes" in black
boots: Marc Fisher "Alinda Over The Knee Boot" in black
sunglasses: zeroUV "Retro P3 Round Flash Color Mirror Lens Metal Sunglasses 9208" in gold midnight
belt: Gucci (borrowed from my mama) - similar here