Why I Blog

One question I asked time and time again is... "What made me want to start blogging?" This is gonna sound super cheeseball but honestly, it is all of you. My wonderful audience who has grown with me as my blog has evolved into what it is today. You are the reason I continue to blog. 

I first started my blog as a way to share my k-beauty tips and tricks with you guys. I was getting flooded with so many questions when k-beauty was almost non-existent stateside. I made k-beauty my niche and expanded from there. Today, not only does my blog cover k-beauty, but it covers all beauty and skincare, my personal style, the experiences (good, bad and questionable) I go through in my very own life, my travels and my musings. This blog is an extension of me, it's a part and a piece of me, however, it is not all of me.  

Something that people who don't have social media engrained into their lives don't tend to understand is that what I choose to show you is a small minute fragment of my life. What you see is curated with a cadence calendar that lists out the topics, brands, products, outfits and stories I will be sharing for that month. That's not to say what you see if not me being me because it absolutely is. But you're only seeing what I'm allowing you to see. This is something that people need to keep in mind and remember. The me you see on social media is me in real life, but a curated version. 

I do my best to share personal stories with you because I want you all to be able to relate to me. My posting Chanel bags and trips to the Maldives in every other social share is absolutely not relatable. I want this space to be somewhere you can come and feel like someone understands what you may be going through in life.

My philosophy behind life is that each and every human is on earth to make some sort of a positive impact. Whether big or small, positivity knows no bounds. With my blogging, if I'm able to help, inspire, connect with or help even one person feel like they are not alone, I've done my duty as a human being. I can only hope that I continue to inspire and relate to you all because without you none of this matters. Yes, blogging is a creative outlet for me but it's incredibly humbling and an honour when someone halfway across the globe reads on of my blogs and reaches out to me about how they went through a similar experience. Those moments are the reason why I blog.