Microblading at Sugarin P.1

The day after Thanksgiving I got my brows microbladed. I've gotten them done before in Korea but microblading typically only lasts 1-2 years. I was coming up on my two-year mark and have been needing to get them redone. I connected with Christina and after looking at her portfolio I knew she'd be perfect to get my brows re-microbladed. In addition to microblading, she does lash lifts and lash extensions. She has a pretty amazing portfolio and has worked with some notable Hollywood stars such as Sarah Drew and Whitney Port. After going through he portfolio I knew this was a match made in heaven. 

The whole process of scheduling, pre-care, procedure, aftercare and follow up has been amazing. Once we confirmed my appointment date and time, Christina sent over pre-care information to ensure my brows and body were in the best condition for the procedure. The day before getting them microbladed, she even emailed me to remind me not to drink and coffee and wine and to not use any medications that may thin out my blood. Thank god she did this because the day before my appointment was Thanksgiving aka lots and lots of wine ;P

The entire procedure from arrival to departure probably took close to 3 hours. Christina probably spent the first 15-20 minutes talking to me about my brows, the procedure and asking me how I wanted my brows to look. From there she spent a good amount of time mapping out my brows, I would say probably close to an hour. She measure the distance between my brows, the distance from my eyes, etc. ensuring they would be even on both sides. After she had mapped my brows out, she had me sit up and from there she made some minor changes. Once we landed on a final shape, the numbing cream was applied. The numbing cream is a topical cream that is all natural, free from chemicals and animal byproducts. The numbing cream needs to sit on your brows for a minimum for 30 minutes to ensure as close to a pain free experience as possible. I'm sure ya'll are thinking if the numbing cream masks all the pain and in all honesty, no it does not. BUT, it really does help. I'm such a wuss when it comes to needles and this is no different. The only time I really felt any sort of pain of discomfort was when Christina was creating the strokes on my arches and tail. Other than that the process felt like more of a "raking" sensation if that makes sense. I think the sound/noise was what had made me cringe. But again, nothing that was unbearable and honestly the end result is worth any and all pain. The actual microblading process took about an hour and I can definitely appreciate that after each time Christina cleaned off the dye, she found little imperfections that she wanted to fix. She really is an artist. 

After my brows were finished and cleaned off she explained the aftercare process to me, provided me with take home instructions, an ointment to start using after day 7 and then told me we'd touch base to schedule the touch up session. 

Christina offers microblading services for $600. Such a great deal considering at salons in Beverly Hills charge up to double that. If you've been wanting to get your brows microbladed right now is the perfect time especially because the after care requires you to be out of the sun for two weeks, no pools/beaches and no sweating. I mean it's winter right?! All I'll be doing is Netflix and Chillin'. 

Please note all services are by appointment only. Contact information is below. 

Sugarin Studio
230 S. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
email: christinasugarinstudio@gmail.com
phone: 310-994-9931
website: christinaartistry.com


Hangover Skincare

We've all been there... unbearable hangover, tired eyes and dried out skin. After a long night of dancing, drinking and sinning, not only does your poor head pay the price with a massive hangover but your skin is massively dehydrated and probably looks like sh*t. I have five go-to items to help bring my skin back to life when I'm on my hangover death bed. 

image source: Ulta.com

image source: Ulta.com

First up, charcoal sheet mask. My go-to charcoal sheet mask lately has been the "Detox and Chill" Charcoal Purifying Mask by Leaders Cosmetics. Charcoal is great for pulling out all the bad toxins and impurities that its the perfect sheet mask to help restore your skin from whatever shenanigans you got into the night before.

image source: Memebox.com

image source: Memebox.com

Second, under eye gels. My all time favorite under eye gels are the Tony Moly Gold Snail Eye Mask. These under eye gels provide moisture, increases elasticity and soothes stressed skin. They really help brighten up your under eyes so you do not look like the walking dead.

image source: PeachandLily.com

image source: PeachandLily.com

The third product I'm sharing is Mizon's Hyaluronic Acid 100 Ampoule. Hyaluronic acid helps nourish and hydrate your skin. After a night of all out partying, your skin needs a tall drink of water and serums or ampoules with hyaluronic acid are just that. This product is highly enriched with hyaluronic acid extract and supplies moisture immediately to make your skin glossy without stickiness.

image source: Skinstore.com

image source: Skinstore.com

Fourth up is Sunday Riley's Good Genes. I've done a dedicated blog post on this product which can be found here. But in short this product provides immediate radiance. After being out all night surrounded with harsh environmental factors your skin is usually dull and lackluster. The Good Genes product fixes that and provides you with radiance and dewy skin.

image source: Ulta.com

image source: Ulta.com

Lastly, I use the Mario Badescu Facial Spray to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. This facial spray is made from aloe, herb and rose water. It is simply formulated with fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater for a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. 

These five products are tried and true for helping my skin get its life back after a crazy night out. The key is to find products that clean away the impurities, hydrate and moisturize your skin.

My Top 5 Korean Beauty Products

Ya'll know how much of a k-beauty fan I am. In fact, for those of your who are new to my blog, I started this space as a way to share my k-beauty tips, tricks and knowledge with ya'll. I wanted to share my top 5 Korean Beauty Products with you. I'm constantly testing out new products and the five products listed below honestly have not changed and they continue to stand the test of time in my ever changing skincare routine. 

image via  PeachandLily.com

First up we have the Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule. This is one of those "bible" I swear by products. Since finding this product back in 2012? 2013? (whatever year I was living in Korea) it has made a home on my skincare shelf. I've shared this product a number of times on my YouTube Channel but let me break it down for ya real quick. Snail mucin filtrate is incredibly healing for those with acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation... all sorts of sucky stuff that we just don't want to deal with. This product has 80% snail mucin filtrate so yes, you can bet it's jam packed with tons of good stuff that will help reduce those troublesome skin problems acne scarring, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

image via  iHerb.com

image via iHerb.com

Second, I'm sharing my love for the MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence. You know I'm all about a good deal and this essence, in my opinion, gives the SK-II Treatment Essence a run for its money. I love the SK-II Treatment Essence, but the price tag I do not love. The SK-II Treatment Essence will cost you $179 USD for a 160 mL bottle, whereas the MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence $35 USD for a 150 mL bottle. The real condensed version of the science + story behind SK-II's Treatment Essence is that in contains a proprietary powerhouse ingredient called pitera which is a yeast made from sake which is proven to speed up the skin's natural rejuvenation process. SK-II owns all the rights to this ingredient which means no other company can formulate and use it. MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence contains an ingredient similar to pitera, but instead of it being made from the yeast of sake, it is made from the yeast of beer. I've used both these products and have found the MISSHA option to be much more hydrating and works wonders with my skin. It's incredibly calming and reduces redness thanks to the niacinamide, licorice extract, and chamomile which are known anti-inflammatory ingredients. As far as toner and treatment essences are concerned, this one is never leaving my skincare shelf. 

image via  Sephora.com

image via Sephora.com

Third on my list is the Son and Park Beauty Water. This product is the newest contender that has made a place for itself in my daily skincare routine. I discovered this product about a year ago, when my friends at StyleKorean introduced me to this brand and became a quick favorite in my collection of micellar and cleansing waters. I'm extremely neurotic in the fact that I have a four step cleansing routine... purely cleansing. First I use a face wipe to get all my makeup off, then a cleansing oil or balm to breakdown the makeup residue, third a cleansing foam or soap to wash everything away and then a micellar or cleansing water to finish it off and make sure I have a clean makeup free face. In using the Son and Park Beauty Water, I found that I can double up and use it as a toner as well for the days I'm being lazy with my skincare. And believe me, with a 12 step skincare routine sometimes you get lazy. This cleansing water has a pH of 4.5, which helps restore your skin's natural pH balance after using a soap based cleanser. For those of you skincare newbies out there, soap kind of sucks when it comes to you skin. Yes, it's cleaning your face, getting all the makeup, tears, sweat and regret off but in doing so it strips your skin and throws your pH levels out of whack. When your pH levels on your face are all messed up that's when you start breaking out. So products like the Son and Park Beauty Water help restore your skin's pH levels and keep those pesky pimples at bay. 

image via  YesStyle.com

image via YesStyle.com

Fourth to the party is The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream. I actually did an entire post on this moisturizer back in 2016 (and you can read it here). Seeing as how I've already written a novel on this awesome product, let's get to the sparknotes version. I'm sure you all know the amazing benefits that comes from chia seeds. In short, chia seeds lock in and retain moisture. For those of you who add chia seeds to their water, juices, smoothies, etc. you will know that the second chia seeds get wet the start to expand and create this jelly coated film around the seed. That jelly helps lock in and retain moisture. This moisturizer is made from that jelly. This product keep your skin hydrated all throughout the day and night but it is also actively helping reduce sebum production. Keeping my skin hydrated and fighting off acne... WINNING! 

Last but not least... Sheet Masks! Man oh man, I could never live without a sheet mask. I use these religiously, sometimes I'll have a treat yo'self moment and do two in a row. Sheet masks are made from cotton and soaked in serums, ampoules and/or essences that target certain skin concerns such as brightening, acne, moisturizing, collagen boost, etc. I leave them on my face for about 30 minutes and this is my 30 minutes of uninterrupted "Jen Time." I lie on the bed with a sheet mask on and scroll through Instagram, it's my daily unwind moment. LOL. My skin always feels so clean, hydrated, refreshed and loved up on after a good sheet mask sesh. I have the say it's the easiest and cheapest way to treat yo'self. One of my all time favorite sheet mask brands is Leaders. Their masks are always so hydrating and refreshing.

Say Hello To Brighter Skin

Some of my biggest skin concerns are my hyperpigmentation, discoloration, scarring, loss of collagen and dark circles. To help combat my hyperpigmentation, discoloration and scarring I'm always looking for products that "whiten" and "brighten" my skin. I know what you may be thinking... whiten your skin?!?!!? No, I'm not trying to go all Edward Cullen and have my skin be white as snow. When k-beauty products say whiten, it more so means evening out your skin tone. Especially for someone like me who has hyperpigmentation, discoloration and scarring products with whitening power is what keeps my skin looking awesome.

Two whitening products I'm loving are Claire's Cloud 9 Blanc de Whitening Serum and Banila Co's White Wedding Dream Cream. The Claire's Cloud 9 Blanc de Whitening Serum actively breaks down melanin and improves damages from blemishes. This serum also reduces redness and brightens up your skin tone. It also has a nice iridescence to the product, that leaves your skin looking fresh and glowy. It's not too heavy or thick so I'm able to use this in both my daytime and night time skin care routine.

The Banila Co's White Wedding Dream Cream instantly brightens your complexion. This product like the Claire's Cloud 9 Blanc de Whitening Serum is also iridescent. But besides its surface features, I love that this cream is multi-use. This cream whitens, cares and corrects you skin. It works to even out your complexion and get rid of stubborn hyperpigmentation, it provides ample moisture and hydration and takes your dull, lack luster skin and instantly transforms it to be brighter and more radiant. I love that my skin just absorbs this product, it's almost as if its drinking it up because as it absorbs the product it is proving my skin with that youthful glow. 

No matter how much good stuff I use my under eye dark circles... man oh man, they just never seem to lighten up. But then I discovered under eye gels. I use these religiously! I wear them for 20-30 minutes a day (when I can) and after my under eyes look so much fuller and brighter. I opted for the Rainbow Black Pearl Hydrogels (they are soooooo awesome, they've sold out on the StyleKorean e-comm site) and these are definitely some of the best under eye gels I've used. They have just enough product on them. I've experienced under eye gels where there is either too much or too little product. This specific brand I was lucky enough to try out has a high level of amino acids which help to improve and purify your skin which helps you achieve a brighter under eye. I definitely do not want to leave you hanging so I've found a comparable alternative to the Rainbow Black Pearl Hydrogels. The Petitfee Black Pearl Hydrogels also help brighten and rejuvenate dull skin thanks to a concentrated combination of green tea, mugwort and tangerine. 

All these amazing products can be found on StyleKorean. Even better, they are running a holiday sale on their already competitive pricing. Be sure and check them out and stock up, because during the winter we want to be sure to give your skin extra love.

xx JEN

Peach & Lily Brand Sheet Masks

I've been an avid Peach & Lily fan for about two years now. I remember hearing about Peach & Lily launching their own line of sheet masks at the beginning of 2016. Then at the Peach & Lily Cali Girls High Tea hosted by Alicia Yoon, I got to pick her brain about the upcoming sheet mask line. Being able to talk to her about creating her own line of sheet masks was such an inspiration. She spent 18 months working on these sheet masks and they've finally come to fruition. In my opinion Peach & Lily is paving the way for Korean Beauty and Skincare in the States. This brand is not only informing consumers on the best products out there, but they are informing consumers on the best products out there for THEIR skin. Skincare is not a one-size fits all industry and Peach & Lily totally gets that.

Let's get back to the Peach & Lily sheet masks! Each sheet mask pack comes with three (3) masks: Good Skin Day, Reset Button and Chubby Cheeks. The Good Skin Day Mask is the one you wanna use on your bad skin days as it drenches and nourishes your skin with tons of good stuff. Chia seeds, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe... need I say more? The Reset Button Mask should be used when you have irritated skin, as it targets calming, soothing and restoring your skin. This mask is packed with ingredients such as Lavender, Chamomile, Propolis and Licorice. The last sheet mask in the Peach & Lily three pack is the Chubby Cheeks Mask. *side bar: How cute is the name of this sheet mask?!?!? The Chubby Cheeks Mask helps with wrinkles and saggy skin as it lifts and plumps. This mask is filled with ginseng (a Korean go-to for everything), peptides and black soybean. These masks are the real deal and packed with superstar ingredients. 

After just using the Good Skin Day Mask I was hooked. My skin has been a mess for the past couple weeks. I've been stressed out with work and my personal life and because of that, my skin has not been too kind to me. My skin has been irritated and breaking out, so I've been trying to use sheet masks to help reduce the redness and calm my skin the eff down. The Good Skin Day Mask was so cool going on my skin and felt amazing on. The sheet masks are not just cotton, they are made from a cellulose material that is derived straight from the cotton seed. These masks are also formulated with no alcohol and no fragrancetwo things that are such plain awful for your skin. 

About the Peach & Lily brand sheet masks:
(Information pulled directly from the sheet mask label)

  1. Gently formulated - no synthetic fragrances, denatured alcohol or overwhelming scents
  2. Essence should absorb into skin - leaves skin glowing from within
  3. Mask adheres to every corner of face - doesn't slide or hang off
  4. Skin becomes soft and supple - not sticky after essence is fully absorbed
  5. Amazing ingredients - amazing results

These Peach & Lily brand sheet masks as well as more information can be found on the Peach & Lily website. I cannot wait for you to try these masks out because I know you will fall in love after the first use, just like I did.

xx JEN

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